B22 Candle Lamp

Introducing: B22 Candle Lamp

Introducing: B22 Candle Lamp The LED By Vision™ C37 and C42 LED Candle range have been specifically engineered to provide the end user with a “like for like” replacement on traditional incandescent bulbs. The entire range comes equipped with dimming capabilities whether it is required or not and will operate on the vast majority of Trailing Edge/Leading Edge dimming systems.

Additional benefits & savings

The bulbs have been specifically designed incorporating a ceramic base and polycarbonate lens, firstly to ensure an even and non-glary light distribution and most importantly rapid heat dissipation to guarantee longevity. The 2.5W will replace up to 25W and the 4.5W up to 40W on a traditional incandescent bulb, as with all of the LED By Vision range these superior products are backed by our 5 year guarantee.
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Energy Savings
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Maintenance Savings

Key features

50,000 Hours

No Mercury or
Harmful Gas

Instant on

Zero UV

Extra lifespan
48,000 hrs


Product specifications

Product code: LBVB2225, LBVB2245

  • Actual Power Consumption

    Wattage + up to 10% (driver tolerance)

  • Frequency

    50Hz - 60Hz

  • Voltage

    AC 85V - 230V

  • Operating Temperature

    -20°C - 40°C

  • CRI


  • Power Factor


  • Beam Angle


  • Weight

    0.09kg - 0.26kg

  • Expected Lifespan

    50,000 hours

  • Colour Temperature

    Daylight, Natural & Warm

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