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LED By Vision always anticipates meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers, appreciating they may require our commercial lighting solutions in new and existing builds.

Commercial lighting in offices

We produce a diverse range of solutions, both full fitting and retrofit, in a range of colour temperatures to suit all. From dimming to DALI controlled commercial lighting systems, we can deliver. Commercial lighting can be tricky to get right as you need to consider the time staff are working under the lights; in some cases, it can be up to 12 hours per day. It’s one of the main things we factor into our fits.

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Our lighting can be supplied anywhere from home-based therapists to entire hospitals.


We have engineered our industrial range to operate efficiently under 24-hour per day operations without detriment to its performance.


Allow us to help you design the perfect lighting systems to encourage bright, young minds.

Landmark House: Revamping an old commercial building.