Case Study

Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd

The Challenge

In 2015, LED By Vision forged an early partnership with Inductotherm, marking the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. Fast forward to today, this relationship has blossomed into an extensive project aimed at facilitating Inductotherm’s relocation of their entire factory to Basingstoke.

Through meticulous planning and implementation, LED By Vision is poised to deliver significant cost savings for Inductotherm across various facets of their operations, including the factory floor and storage areas. By leveraging advanced lighting solutions, LED By Vision is not only optimising energy usage but also enhancing the overall quality of illumination, ensuring uniformity and heightened lux levels throughout the facility. 


This case study showcases how LED By Vision’s expertise and tailored solutions have enabled Inductotherm to achieve unparalleled efficiency gains while seamlessly transitioning to their new location.



Annual savings & costs

£7,533.5 0

Previous Lighting

£1,401.0 0

Our Lighting

£5,508.9 0

Total Savings

1y 1m

Return on Invest.

When faced with subpar lighting conditions hindering our operations, we turned to LED By Vision for assistance in two critical areas: our stores and main factory floor. The existing fixtures fell short of meeting the necessary light levels essential for our intricate tasks on the ground.

Upon the installation of the new 200W Luminous™ high bays, a remarkable transformation ensued. Not only did we observe substantial increases in light levels, but we also achieved this with fewer fittings, streamlining our setup. Gone are the days of enduring lengthy warm-up times, a persistent issue with our old high bays.

Throughout the process, Sean and the team at LED By Vision played an indispensable role, guiding us from initial survey to meticulous design and seamless installation. This case study highlights the profound impact of LED By Vision’s expertise in enhancing both illumination quality and operational efficiency at our facility.

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