smart buildings technology

Using EnabLED gives you full control of your lighting solutions, and we don’t just mean turning them on and off. Our innovative smart buildings technology means you also have complete visibility of your electricity usage, so you know what you’re using and therefore spending.

Here's how EnabLED works

We leverage your building’s existing cabling infrastructure with revolutionary powerline technology to provide granular monitoring, control and internet connectivity for all of all your lighting. With this control over your lighting, critical, data-driven decisions can be made to facilitate carbon reduction, cost reduction and compliance monitoring.

Make EnabLED work for you

Occupancy, usage and light levels are monitored constantly; this data is sent back over the powerline to the EnabLED Control Platform (ECP).

Real-time energy measurement

Energy use is monitored across the building. Usage data is logged and available for review or compliance monitoring via the web interface.

Fully addressable
lighting control

Monitor and control each luminaire to set light levels, PIR settings, daylight harvesting, schedules and schemes to improve lighting quality and efficiency.

No requirement for
new wires

Every new LED light is connected, monitored and controlled via existing powerlines, meaning installation costs are guaranteed to be low.

Smart buildings technology

Let’s look at how a fully EnabLED building can benefit your business:
Commercial office that uses intelligent lighting solutions
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3 steps to big savings


We’ll audit your property, design your intelligent solution and present it back to you.


You agree on the solution, and we implement your EnabLED system and smart buildings technology.


Watch your new smart buildings technology save you up to 98% on your lighting costs.