Industrial lighting for
your workspaces

From brightening your workshop to daylight sensing and dimming in warehouses, we are proud to offer a wide range of industrial lighting solutions to fit any number of workspaces.
Big Shed industrial lighting also covers spaces such as distribution centres

Lighting your manufacturing space

Manufacturing environments are incredibly diverse and dynamic with changing lighting requirements and demands. Therefore it is essential to provide sustainable LED industrial lighting solutions that can deliver against optimal lighting requirements. We’ve found that existing lighting maintenance costs can be excessive due to the requirement for MEWP access hire to change faulty lighting safely.

Manufacturing environments can harness unbelievable savings via intelligence such as dimming, occupancy sensors, daylight savings & Dali control, all of which we can supply.

Take a look at the sectors we work in

Here are some of the Big Shed sectors we have worked with:


Our range of IP65 and IP67 LED products provide the ability for manufacturing businesses to select the right lighting upgrade solution.


LED By Vision have thrived in recent years within this sector, designing products that deliver unrivalled light levels from extreme heights.

Food & Beverage

We have designed several of our full fitting solutions that immediately eliminate almost all problems faced in production and filling halls.
An example of industrial lighting in action in a operational warehouse

Industrial lighting solutions for your warehouse

Warehouse & Distribution businesses usually have one thing in common; substantial running costs. Heavily outdated and high consuming lighting technology can be high up the to-do list when it comes to rapid ROI’s.

That coupled with the challenges of access in high traffic zones can all lead to the same pitiful, more unnecessary cost. Let our in-house experts work with you on lighting designs to pre-determine results and minimise unnecessary capital expenditure.

Food for thought; food & beverage production areas

Often an overlooked point but with most temperature-controlled environments, regular failures of fluorescent or gas-fired lamps are very normal. You could say cold temperatures are the kryptonite to this technology.

Did you know that cooler environments can dramatically prolong LED technology? Further reinforcing the move to LED is the way forward financially for our customers.
It seems as though LED should be music to the ears of professionals in this sector.

Industrial lighting solutions for your warehouse
Two men from Crown Lift Trucks in their warehouse using our industrial lighting solution

Crown Lift Trucks: Outshining the competition.