Case Study

Moody Decking

The Challenge

In the heart of Hampshire, where craftsmanship meets opulence, Moody Decking, a premier provider of Teak decking for the world’s most exclusive Super Yachts, recently underwent a stunning transformation.
Their headquarters, a hub of precision and quality control, received a comprehensive refurbishment that not only enhanced the working environment but also proved to be a game-changer for their diverse team.

  1. Bright Ideas in the Fabrication Area: The focal point of Moody Decking’s headquarters is its fabrication area, where the pursuit of excellence in quality control is paramount. Recognizing the need for a lighting overhaul, we embarked on a mission to elevate their workspace to new levels of brilliance.
  2. Out with the Old, In with Luminous High Bay: Our team took charge, bidding farewell to the outdated SON lamps that once cast shadows on precision work. In their place, we introduced the cutting-edge Luminous High Bay range, revolutionizing the illumination landscape and setting the stage for a brighter, more efficient future.
  3. Doubled Lux Levels, Soared Team Morale: The impact was nothing short of extraordinary. Lux levels in the machine shop zones nearly doubled, creating an environment where attention to detail could flourish. The feedback from the team was nothing short of incredible, with a palpable boost in morale and efficiency.
  4. A Visionary Transformation for All: One team member, who had battled with visual impairment, experienced a life-changing transformation. The revamped lighting not only made his tasks significantly easier but also sparked newfound enthusiasm. His joy was a testament to the power of thoughtful workplace upgrades.
  5. Sustainable Brilliance: Beyond the immediate benefits, the lighting overhaul proved to be a beacon of sustainability. By eliminating outdated lamps, we not only enhanced efficiency but also slashed Moody Decking’s electricity costs by an impressive £10,155.62 per year. The return on investment? A mere 18 months.



Annual savings & costs

£18,293.8 0

Previous Lighting

£5,898.2 0

Our Lighting

£10,155.6 0

Total Savings

1y 8m

Return on Invest.

Moody Decking’s headquarters now stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence, where every detail is illuminated with precision. This transformative lighting project not only enhanced the functionality of the space but also showcased the potential for sustainable practices in the luxury industry. As Moody Decking continues to craft the decks of the world’s most expensive Super Yachts, their headquarters now reflects the same level of sophistication and precision that goes into each masterpiece they create.

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