Modulo Panel

Introducing: Modulo

This new panel light is a modular design delivering UGR<19. The design aids that of ceiling grids that do not simply require a 600×600 panel. 

It’s adopted high lumen SMD LED light source, special optic design makes it a uniform and low glare visual experience. Two diffuser types are available (Prismatic & Louver style reflectors). To aid Circular Economy & maintenance the luminous module can be replaced. 

The units are vented to optimise airflow and heat dissipation from the grid. This panel offers the ideal combination of stylish design and optimum performance for both task and general lighting. 


Supported via Meanwell/Tridonic power supplies to ensure longevity against our 5-year warranty. The units can be supported for dimming (0-10V or TRIAC and DALI smart controls)

Additional benefits & savings

0 %
Energy Savings
0 %
Maintenance Savings

Key features


No Mercury or
Harmful Gas


Zero UV

Extra lifespan
40,000 hrs

50,000 Hours

Product specifications

Product code: LBVFLLM400

  • Actual Power Consumption

    Wattage + up to 10% (driver tolerance)

  • Frequency

    50Hz - 60Hz

  • Voltage

    AC 220V - 240V

  • Operating Temperature

    -10°C - 40°C

  • CRI


  • Power Factor


  • Beam Angle


  • Weight

    2.1kg - 4.86kg

  • Expected Lifespan

    50,000 hours

  • Colour Temperature

    Daylight, Natural & Warm

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