Case Study

Westcoast Ltd

The Challenge

Westcoast have been a long term customer for close to 10 years. The challenge in this particular space was a lack of light down low level pick/pack lanes including emergency lighting. We then we requested to address the front of house Quality Control are as mistakes were being made due to again inferior light levels. 

In this zone we needed to raise the lux to circa 700 and achieved this with our 80W luminous low bay fitting. This worked perfectly and gave reduced glare from the old lights as well as enhanced unifority.



Annual savings & costs

£19855.6 0

Previous Lighting

£4099.0 0

Our Lighting

£13854.7 0

Total Savings

1y 5m

Return on Invest.

For the past 5 years or so, we had been used to the lighting in our warehouse under the mezzanine.
Then, as part of our aim to convert over to LED, this was the last section to be done.
After a visit by LED by Vision to survey the existing lighting and measure the section for updating, a planned project was put in place.
Firstly, the plan showed fewer fittings to be installed, but showing an even better spread of light.
Trusted and convinced, but honestly, I was a little sceptical!
Installation was carried out by our preferred electrician who remarked on the good quality and ease of fitting of the LED By Vision lighting equipment.
Returning to work on the Monday after install, the change was dramatic!
Almost half the number of fittings yet a much more powerful light!
No more cost involved, yes initial outlay, but a saving to be had in a short time due to reduced number of fittings and the conversion to LED
I personally saw a huge improvement, I wear glasses to read, but in the aisles, I could see part numbers in small print without my glasses!
All persons who work in the section are very happy and illuminated!

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