Case Study

Rehau Ltd

The Challenge

Rehau approached LED By vision to assist with it energy reduction and LED lighting projects. The main concern presented by Rehau was the amount of electricity being consumed by lighting. 

We were able to provide an accurate Return on Investment report as well as detailed lighting designs that proved, not only that we could reducing lighting costs considerably, but we could also uplift the lighting and improve the environment.




Annual savings & costs

£ 0

Previous Lighting

£ 0

Our Lighting

£ 0

Total Savings

3y 1m

Return on Invest.

Hi Lee all units are working well, we are very satisfied with the service you have provided, lighting levels are perfect, I would recommend this system of lighting to any large unit, the installers were excellent as well, regards phil

 I found working with Lee very easy. He was always willing to help and go above and beyond to exceed our expectations. The fittings worked so well that we had requests from other areas of the building to extend the scope of the project. The overall project was delivered in time, the work was clean and professional, and  everyone on site was very pleased with the result. I would highly recommend working with Lee at LED By Vision , Albina 

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