Luminous™ High Bay

Introducing: Luminous™ High Bay

The Luminous range meant going back to the drawing board to take what major benefits our traditional high bay has and assessing its flaws. By flaws we mean where it didn’t suit the environment or application, namely those which require a flush-fit solution (i.e. sports halls and factories with craning systems). Made from one solid piece of 6063 aluminium ensures rapid heat transfer, keeping the light guide as cool as possible to minimise key factors like lumen decay.

The units have been designed to replace inefficient 250-400W gas discharge lamps and are comprised of cutting edge Osram chips and Meanwell drivers, delivering 117lm/W. Starting at 80W and going all the way up to 200W making the Luminous range extremely versatile.

Additional benefits & savings

The real beauty of these all-weather (IP65) units is the fact the ergonomic design is aesthetically pleasing on the eye, giving our clients the ability to use them anywhere. Also tested to IK10 standards for impact resilience. Making it the perfect solution for harsh environments.

0 %
Energy Savings
0 %
Maintenance Savings

Key features


No Mercury or
Harmful Gas


Zero UV

Extra lifespan
40,000 hrs

50,000 Hours

Product specifications

Product code: LBVLHB80, LBVLHB120, LBVLHB150, LBVLHB200

  • Actual Power Consumption

    Wattage + up to 10% (driver tolerance)

  • Frequency

    50Hz - 60Hz

  • Voltage

    AC 100V - 277V

  • Operating Temperature

    -40°C - 50°C

  • CRI


  • Power Factor


  • Beam Angle


  • Weight

    4kg - 7.5kg

  • Expected Lifespan

    50,000 hours

  • Colour Temperature

    Daylight, Natural & Warm

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