External Emergency Lighting Guide


If the power to your building is cut, you should have emergency lighting that illuminates the environment sufficiently to keep everyone safe. Employees, visitors and any other persons should be able to leave without encountering any hidden hazards. If you have a correctly set up emergency lighting system, it should also be accompanied by appropriate signage above all available exits.

These measures are very important in helping people vacate the premises safely. However, there are still some factors that can complicate matters, such as, if it is night and dark outside.

There are many questions that you need to consider:

Obviously external lighting is a priority but if all power is switched off in an emergency situation it is useless and can make the environment very dangerous and also potentially distressing. The answer is External Emergency Lighting. Lighting that can be programmed to come on when other emergency lighting does, so that all areas are always safe.

Why it is important to have high quality External Emergency Lighting

Poor quality systems are not the best choice for external emergency lighting, this is because they have to be able to withstand a number of factors such as: weather, dust and bugs.

External emergency LED lighting manages to tackle all criteria while providing the most effective form of back-up lighting.

Emergency Lighting Basics & Overview

A preview lesson on emergency lighting basics and an overview of exit signs and emergency lighting and the role they play in the safe evacuation of people occupying a building.

Guide to Emergency Lighting (Step-by-Step Process)

Source: http://www.iar.unicamp.br/lab/luz/ld/Seguran%E7a/emergency_lighting_design_guide.pdf

Emergency Lighting Design

In order to have effective emergency lighting follow this design guide:

Also, remember in the UK we have two types of emergency lighting:

Emergency Lighting Lux Levels

Finding The Experts

Each building has its own set of specific challenges for all aspects of lighting, including an external emergency LED solution. Whether you need them to light up your car park overnight or purely for in an emergency, how do you find the best external emergency lighting for you? You call the experts in LED lighting services, LED By Vision.

We are the experts in LED lighting services and can help you with your internal and external lighting needs. We are totally committed to providing you with the best and most cost-efficient LED solution for your business. Whether you are considering a retrofit or new installation, our designers will work closely with you to ensure you reap the benefits of changing to LED lighting.

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